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We have 5 NEW Snack Stick flavors available on our website! Though we are not selling these flavors in cases, like we do our Original and Jalapeno sticks, but you can try them by purchasing a Snack Stick Flight, get one of each flavor for only $7! Try them all and see which one is your favorite! We can assure you, it will be a tough decision. Check out our new flavors below:  Pair it great while your waiting for crawfish! Tastes like you just pulled it off the grill! Taste like dipping your lil sizzler in a plate full of pancakes. Our breakfast sausage blend is a subtle combo of salt and sage. This high protein, carb free, stick...

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The Snack Sticks you love, at a price you'll really love!

For all you folks that love Jalapeno peppers, this will be your favorite! Just enough kick without the burn. Our snack sticks are made from lean cuts of tender beef and pork. If that doesn't suit your fancy, you can't go wrong with our Original Flavor Snack Sticks. No matter where your day takes you, reach for Clint & Sons Snack Sticks whenever you get the craving for something delicious!

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