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Black Label is Keto!

Are you currently on the Keto diet? GOOD NEWS! Your favorite snack is still on the menu! We have compiled a few great snack ideas, including our Black Label & Black Label Hot beef jerky!  Great Keto Snacks: -Clint & Sons Black Label -Clint & Sons Black Label Hot -Hard Boiled Eggs -Almonds -Guacamole -Cheese   Diets don't have to be limiting! Stock up on our Black Label flavors and always have a keto-friendly snack on hand! 

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Cowboy Cut

Cowboy Cut is not a flavor of jerky, but a style of jerky! Instead of cutting jerky strips into smaller pieces, Cowboy Cut is straight out of the smoker! More chewing, less digging in the bag, Cowboy Cut is great for many situations, like long work days or road trips!  Cowboy Cut is only available in 12 oz. bags, due to the size of the jerky. We have Cowboy Cut jerky in our well known Original & Black Label flavors! Only available online & in our store in White Deer, Texas!  Cowboy up with Clint & Sons Cowboy Cut Original & Black Label beef jerky!  Yee Haw! 

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