FAQ Page



1. Q. Where is White Deer, Texas? --- A. We are in the Texas panhandle, 45 miles NE of Amarillo,Texas.

2. Q. How long have you been in business? --- A. We were established in 1944. It is still a Freeman family owned operation today

3. Q. Does Clint & Sons donate to charities or fundraising events? --- A. Clint & Sons is very charitable, donating to many different types of orginizations. All requests for such should be either emailed to josh@clintandsons.com or faxed to 806.883.8502.  


1. Q. Does all Clint & Sons jerky contain M.S.G.? --- A. No, Black Label, Yard Bird, and all 3 flavors of snack sticks are M.S.G. Free.

2. Q. What is Clint & Sons beef jerky made from? --- A. We use several different cuts depending on the flavor. All are whole muscle steak cuts sliced thin to make the most tender jerky.

3. Q. Why does it say to use, refrigerate, or freeze within 3 days of opening? --- A. Our jerky pouches are known as controlled environment packaging, they have no moisture or oxygen in them. Once moisture and Oxygen are introduced to an organic item such as jerky, mold can and will grow. This is similar to a loaf of bread, or even cheese.


1. Q. How much is shipping? --- A. Shipping rates vary based on the amount you spend, <$50 is $8.50  /  >$50 is $5.00 />$100 is FREE.

2. Q. How long does it take for my items to come in? --- A. We try to get all products out, the same business day they are ordered. Many areas are 1 day shipping from White Deer, but some can take up to 10 days.


1. Q. Does Clint & Sons offer fundraising programs for schools? --- A. Yes we do, we have a wide range of programs to fit any schools needs.

2. Q. Is Clint & Sons fundraising profitable? --- A. Yes very, in fact most all of our products and programs allow you to double your money.

3. Q. How hard is it to get started? --- A. Not hard at all, we take all the work out of it. You just need to call or email and visit with us. You can also submit your request at:http://www.clintandsonsbeefjerky.com/pages/contact-us


1. Q. I own a store, can I sell Clint & Sons beef jerky? --- A. You sure can, we have a program in place that allows you to order online or by phone and we UPS the jerky out to your store.

2. Q. What do I need to do to get my store set up with Clint & Sons beef jerky? --- A. All you have to do is fill out a request for further information at:http://www.clintandsonsbeefjerky.com/pages/contact-us