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Support Our Troops Beef Jerky Program

Clint & Sons proudly supports American troops stationed overseas! We love our country and are grateful for those who sacrifice for our freedom. We started this program to come together with our community and say thank you to our troops with one of their favorite snacks, Texas beef jerky!  For only $25, we will send four 3oz bags of beef jerky to an APO address overseas. Your donation gets covers the beef jerky, and we cover the shipping! We often send a few donations worth at a time to make sure there is plenty to share! Know a troop? Send us their APO address via Facebook and we will add it to our list!  Make your $25 donation here! 

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White Label: A gluten free snack!

A gluten-free diet can provide some health benefits, especially for those with celiac disease. Eating gluten-free may help ease digestive issues, reduce inflammation, boost energy and promote weight loss! Some feel when taking up gluten-free eating habits that their choices become extremely limited, which is not true! There are many gluten-free alternatives for a variety of foods including your favorite beef jerky! White Label is our healthiest option for those eating a restrictive diet because it have very few ingredients, and a ton of flavor!  In addition to being GLUTEN FREE White Label Beef Jerky also has -No Carbs -No MSG -No Allergens making it the best snack for anyone!

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