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White Label

Introducing a JERKY TOWN exclusive: White Label White label is a small batch beef jerky made with minimal ingredients! This beef jerky is: -Carb Free -Gluten Free -MSG Free -Allergen Free Great for those with sensitive allergies!  Shop for White Label & other Jerky Town exclusives here!

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NEW 6 count boxes!

We are thrilled to release our new self displaying 6 count boxes!  These boxes perfectly hold six 3 oz bags and can be easily opened and turned into a counter display perfect for your pantry or counter top!  Step 1:  Step 2: Step 3:  Step 4:

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Stockpiling 101

As everyone is stockpiling due to COVID-19, we would like to inform our customers that our beef jerky has a ONE YEAR shelf life, and is a great, long lasting source of protein!  Though toilet paper is very important, your body NEEDS protein to stay HEALTHY! Your immune system will thank you!  Portable, long lasting protein you can save for up to a year! Stock up now, 12 oz bags are on sale until 3/27/20 

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