Working at Clint & Sons

At Clint & Sons we pride ourselves in the fact that we are not only a staff, but a team, and even more so a family. 

We have 2 locations in White Deer, Texas where we produce some of the best meat products in the state of Texas! To bring these products to our customers it takes a big group of hardworking people! We are often looking for new people to join our team! 

There are many perks to working at Clint & Sons

  • Consistence hours with chances for overtime
  • Chance for raises and promotions
  • 1 week of paid vacay & 1 week of paid sick time
  • 20% off in the Clint & Sons store as well as

- Most positions at Clint & Sons are 8 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday, with an occasional Saturday (whoop whoop, overtime!) During hunting (wild game processing) season we work Saturdays often! If you are looking to make some good hours and money, we are definitely a great place to work.

- Raises come often to our hard working employees. As a growing company positions become available and we usually promote from within!

For example this is Jess! Hired on as a snack stick packager, she now not only runs our pickup website, but is our HAACP manager! 

Joshuah was also hired on as a beef jerky packager, and now helps in every room but also hosts our YouTube show, Ask Clint & Sons!


-20% off of your purchase from the Clint & Sons store or! Think about how much you spend on meat (and even groceries) a month! What if you could take 20% off of that? More money in your pocket!

Did I mention we party? Clint & Sons hosts many events through out the year, including our Annual Mona Freeman Memorial Blood Drive! From pizza parties during work days, holiday feasts, blood drives and community gatherings, there is always something going on here at Clint & Sons!






Join our family today! Apply to be a part of our team on Indeed or Facebook!

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