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Black Label is Keto!

Are you currently on the Keto diet? GOOD NEWS! Your favorite snack is still on the menu! We have compiled a few great snack ideas, including our Black Label & Black Label Hot beef jerky!  Great Keto Snacks: -Clint & Sons Black Label -Clint & Sons Black Label Hot -Hard Boiled Eggs -Almonds -Guacamole -Cheese   Diets don't have to be limiting! Stock up on our Black Label flavors and always have a keto-friendly snack on hand! 

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March is for making money!

We have A BUNCH of great programs starting their fundraisers this month!  Do you know a program that could use some extra funds? Clint & Sons would love to help them with that! Check out or email to learn how you can get started! #ChangingTheWayYouMEAT

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Clint & Sons is on Youtube!

We have created a Youtube Channel to share some of the inside scoop on what goes on here at Clint & Sons! From how things are made and packaged to new products, we will be adding videos weekly!   Check out our channel here -> where we already have some fun content for you to check out! Leave us a comment if there is something specific you’d like to see!   Ask Clint & Sons: Love free jerky? Be a part of our new segment, “Ask Clint & Sons” by emailing a question about our beef jerky you’d like answered on the show! If we answer your question, we will send you a free bag of jerky! Easy...

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