Pipes Shorties (for dogs)

Pipes Shorties (for dogs)

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Discover the Pawfect Treat for your pup with our Pipes Pieces! 100% natural and made from single-ingredient beef trachea cut into small bite sized pieces, Pipes Shorties are sure to make your dog drool! Enjoy a guilt-free snack while watching your pup relish in delight! Do you want to give your pup a treat they won't forget? Try our Pipes Shorties in our 5 ounce bags today!

These beef pipes are 100% natural & sourced from USA beef! 

These treats do not contain harsh chemicals, artificial flavors & color, or preservatives!

This is a single ingredient dog treat!

Safety: Please provide your dog with plenty of water while consuming this treat. Monitor your dog as they enjoy this treat for some small pieces break off and can become a choking hazard. If the treat begins to splinter or develop sharp edges, dispose of the treat immediately. 

Due to the lack of chemicals on these treats they will mold if not kept in open air or frozen!