Shipping Info

When your steaks arrive

All of our steaks are flash frozen and shipped to you frozen to maintain the highest quality.  When you receive the steaks place them in your freezer. In order to maintain a freezer like environment throughout transport, we pack the steak with dry ice. Dry Ice naturally evaporates and may be completely gone by the time you open your package. If it is gone, don’t worry that’s normal, check with your hand to ensure your steaks are still cold.

If you by chance have any dry ice left in your package, do not touch it with bare hands. If possible remove steaks without touching the dry ice and then leave it to evaporate on its own. If you need to remove it, do it carefully, with winter gloves or oven mitts.

The steaks should be frozen when you receive them. If you plan to enjoy them within 48 hours of receiving, then you can place them in the refrigerator to thaw. If you are saving them for a later day, make sure to place them in freezer upon delivery.

If you happen to receive steaks that are no longer frozen, please determine if they are still very cold. If they are, you can place them in the freezer with no problem.

If you have questions about these directions or about your order, you can contact our Customer Help Department at 1-877-883-7831,  8a-5:30p CST Monday-Friday and 8a-12p CST Saturday.