White Label For The Ramona Freeman Educational Foundation

The Christmas season is such a special time for family and for celebrating the birth of Christ. We would like to celebrate this time of year by offering one of our exclusive products at a lower price to help fund a very special project. For the month of December, we will be offering 3oz bags of our new White Label Beef Jerky, for only $5! 100% of all sales of White Label will go directly to help fund the newly formed Ramona Freeman Educational Foundation! This program provides scholarships and numerous educational opportunities for students in the Texas Panhandle region.

Education was Mona’s life. Whether in the classroom or the cross country course, on the basketball courts or the golf course, Mona’s life was always a learning or “coaching” experience. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years were always special times for her and her family, so we thought it appropriate to offer this product at this particular time of year to help fund this significant project!

The White Label Beef Jerky is a simple, healthy, and flavorful product and was specifically designed for this project for those reasons. A heartfelt thank you!

                                                                        -Johnny Freeman and Family 
“Make Mona Proud” #MMP ♥♥♥

Ramona Freeman

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