Snack Stick Flight

Snack Stick Flight

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7 Sticks, 7 Dollars, 7 Flavors!!

This special bundle comes with 5 never before seen sticks and 2 of the well known favorites.

Jalapeno- Savory with a spice kick of real peppers

Original- Special blend of spices for a great original taste

Cajun- Pair it great while your waiting for crawfish

Hot link- Tastes like you just pulled it off the grill!

Maple Breakfast blend- Taste like dipping your lil sizzler in a plate full of pancakes.

Breakfast blend- Our breakfast sausage blend is a subtle combo of salt and sage. This high protein, carb free, stick maybe your new go-to morning meal

Hot Breakfast Blend- Do you wan to turn the heat up on your day at 6am? Our high protein, no carb stick is a great way to do just that.